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Creating women is God's job. But, love women It must be the man's job. This March 8, are you ready to show your love for your woman?
Depending on each individual, on the culture of each family, there are ways to express affection for "half of the world". Depending on whether it is our mother, wife, sister, brother, or simply girlfriend, we can choose our actions, material things, or spiritual values for us. Fit. But in the end, it all needs to be covered by sweetness and love.
On this 8/3 occasion, if you are still wondering, don't know how to show love for your "half of the world", then let's join Hacoocha to perform 8 actions, although small but meaningful, for the women in the family for the next 3 days!

Thank you message

A word of concern, a sincere thank you is sometimes a miracle drug for every woman. It sounds simple, but it's really hard to do!

Sharing housework

Less personal time to take advantage of cleaning the house, washing, drying clothes, your woman will have more time to rest and take care of herself.

Decor an impressive space in the house

With a little creativity, a little meticulousness, we can decorate the dining table, remodel a small corner to refresh the space of the house. What's better than a house that's both beautiful and clean?

Talk and sharing

Sit together, put aside all the worries of life, and share stories that have long seemed to be missed.

Take them to the beauty salon

Of course!

Going out together

A movie session, a trip, or a musical atmosphere at Ha Anh Tuan's Brilliant Horizon concert will all be great choices.

Send a surprise gift

Một bông hoa hồng tươi tắn, vài hộp quà handmade bé xinh, hay những chiếc khăn Moncha tôn lên sự quyến rũ của người phụ nữ đều sẽ là món quà phù hợp. Nếu có điều kiện, tại sao lại không chọn cả ba?

A perfect meal

On that special day, get into the kitchen and prepare a wonderful meal for your family, right in the comfort of your own home. With your favorite dishes prepared by yourself, with a cozy space decorated by yourself, and embellished with a cup of Shan tea to enjoy after a meal, it is enough to fully express the love in your life. This is March 8th.
Những người phụ nữ ở bên cạnh đã làm cho thế giới này trở nên tươi đẹp hơn, hoàn hảo hơn, cuộc sống của chúng ta cũng vì thế mà có nhiều màu sắc hơn. Họ không chỉ phải sống cuộc sống xã hội như chúng ta, mà còn thường xuyên phải quán xuyến cả cuộc sống gia đình, hoàn thành thiên chức của một người phụ nữ, HÀNG NGÀY. Thế nên hãy nhớ rằng, không chỉ là một hai ngày riêng lẻ, mà phải luôn cho họ sự hạnh phúc mỗi ngày nhé
On this occasion of March 8, Hacoocha dearly presents you with the program:
– 10% discount for female customers, or female consignees (for gift giving).
– Instant discount of 500,000 VND when buying Hacoocha Tea & Towel Combo https://hacoocha.com/san-pham/khan-lua-cao-cap-moncha/.
Offer valid until 12/03/2023. For more information, please contact Hacoocha fanpage or hotline 0919 826 363 for direct support.

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